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Changdao One

The project is located on the lakeside, surrounded by gentle slopes, green areas and forests. However, the original site is long and narrow. After digging into the site characteristics and deeply discussing the situation, use the smooth curve to reverse the disadvantages of the space as an advantage, combined with the pure white wall to interpret the rich sensory experience under different turning spaces, and a dance journey into the depths of the canyon has started.

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Rizhao Bailuwan Cherry Blossom Town

The client proposed to bring a natural but artistic atmosphere to the site. The project respects the original natural mountain atmosphere and the essence of the courtyard. It features three elements: The design of a pure cherry courtyard, elevated in the sky. A base of emerging curved textured walls made from local granite boulders form a strong image and blur the boundary of vertical wall and horizontal path. Winding roads covered in cherry blossom petals complete the impression of the forest valley.

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Guiyang New Community Park

The project provides a novel solution for the community park in Guiyang, China. A resilient design with a minimum of intervention that respects the site and highlights the local karst geography and former land use. As a result, the community park successfully integrates a program of leisure activities for the public with the preservation of karst landscape formations on the one hand and a waterfront design to support the dynamic hydrological processes on the other.

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Art One

Art One makes the terrain varied according to the axis of the site, introduces surrounding natural resources, and forms a microclimate with a group of trees. An art gallery connects the spaces, and integrates fashionable hollow-carved elements and color blocks, enhancing the artistic sense of the site. It also implants four functional boxes around a green environment to create a wonderful experience space, both making the space more integrated, and better integrated with the theme.

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Times Mansion

When the designers first arrived at the site, they were enchanted by the goldenrain tree and camphor preserved there. They planned to reconstruct the site on the basis of preserving the original ecology. The overall design, such as space layout and flow line, kept away from the original trees; highlighted their values and gave them new lives. They strived to intervene in the site in a "humble" way and adapt to local conditions. They used trees to create a forest theater under the urban reinforced concrete.

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Agile View World

The site, with an area of 16,860 square meters, is surrounded by water and mountains. The surrounding forest belts are growing well and can be incorporated into landscape resources for use. Moreover, with its back against Gaoligong Mountain, it features broad vision and abundant landscape resources.The design uses local materials, plants and techniques to build a pure and simple lifestyle, and emphasizes the deep respects for mountains and plains where the site is located, with quiet and restrained language, and with low intervention.

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