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Acesite Park

With 46000 square meters of Jiulongtai Municipal Park,and a full-view waterscape park ecosystem is carefully constructed. The forward-looking waterfront garden shapes the integrated presentation of various spatial organizations, and expresses the aesthetic attitude of the modern Oriental Zen garden through the level coordination between regional forms. The Banqin Lake was built on the basis of a violin. The landscape design around the lake follows the life taste and functional requirements of the owners, creating a comfortable and comfortable living atmosphere.

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Open and Wild

Open and Wild, is part of Wuhan East Lake greenway, a city level public greenway located in Wuhan, China. With Moshan Park as the core, it is one of the best scenic spots in East Lake whose design takes the idea of Making the City Quiet" as the core planning concept. Walking between the greenways, every plant, tree, flower and brick is the result of landscape design. It seems to have no trace, but the design is everywhere. Enjoying flowers in spring, bathing in the cool wind in summer, watching fallen leaves in autumn, bathing in the warm sun in winter - each season has its own beauty.

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Logan Lcc

Taking the experiential theme blocks as the entering point, the overall landscape design language of the project constructs the framework of the space and integrates the mysterious elements of Pandora planet by extracting the science fiction elements in Avatar. From concepts to forms, a series of fancy scenes with magic colors are depicted. Through scattering the landscape installations in different shapes over different places, the dream journey of LCC Pandora starts.

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Chosen One

The artistic front yard, the light and shadow corridor, the dewdrop sculpture, and the mirrored waterscape build an immersive and wonderful space experience. The back yard gradually start from the water ramp which connect the sky. After walking up the steps, people can stroll through in the floating swimming pool, enjoy the leisure vacation. The hotel-style meeting space in front of the building invites clients enjoy a lazy life, accompany them and families listen to the future story together.

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Wanda Mall

The project team would like to simulate natural conditions-soil, drainage, and irrigation by cooperating closely with architects, structural engineers, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing department. Through a network of primary, secondary and sub-drainage systems that meet the requirements of soil, irrigation design and quality control to simulate natural drainage and soil conditions. Although the project is located in the northwestern region of China, it would like to shows the characteristics of plants with distinct seasons.

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The Winnovation design project inspired by aesthetics of eastern cultural gardens, the overall layout of the base focuses on creating an axis that balances the space. Other than bringing in lots of multilevel plantings and utilizing features of the base, the design team also introduces an aquatic ecosystem into the base by creating a belt ecological pond.

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