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Hongshan Lake Civil Park

Hongshan Lake Civil Park is located in Xixiu District, Anshun City, Guizhou Province. With rapid developing, it is urgent to establish a modern urban public space for improving the ecological environment and providing the living space of the residents. The project was designed to be an ecology-oriented urban public space with an integrated ecosystem. Low Impact Development Strategy was adapted to protect its existing ecological functions and recovered the ecosystem. Various functional spaces are built by the participatory and ground-based design skills for people at different ages.

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Metropolitan Meadow

Situated at the heart of Tsuen Wan City centre, the Garden revitalized the urban elevated network, the city ground and the nearby mass transit railway station via a conscious oasis hub design. The Garden not just add an greenery resting node for the busy Hong Kong City lives, but also activates the local community via provision a range of amenities. The Central Cone feature diffuses light into the interior and passively encourage cross ventilation.

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Plot 140 POLY Guanggang

The project is a muti-functional public space with diverse landscape designed for high-density urban community with limited land resource. Based on the study of the urban compact space, designers put forward the concept of vertical garden, which perfectly integrating diverse spaces with community, and combining the surrounding industrial landscape resources to create a garden landscape space and residential activity space.

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Garden Hong Kong

The theme of the Garden is City of Contrast, it represents Hong Kong in Beijing Horticultural Exposition 2019 with the juxtaposition of two contrasting conditions of the city: a hyper dense urban fabric and a serene agricultural environment. The design aims to explore the relationship between urban and garden, and the aesthetic value of edible plants. It invites visitors to re-imagine the notion and possibility of sustainable planting in hyper-dense environment and it deploys layers of urban fragments that resembles a cohesive form of impressionable memory of this compact city.

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Greenland Hongkong Guangde

The project is a combination of modern design techniques and art. It is located in an old city name is Guangde in China. There is a river called Wuliang xi (the mother river of Guangde County). So the designer took the river as the design inspiration. The designer integrated local cultural elements into space and it's an inheritance of the local culture. The designer used glass facades and bamboos to reflect the balance of life and nature.

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BBMG Jincheng Real Estate

BBMG Jincheng Real Estate's design mission was to fuse the native culture and history with modern day life. Because this project is located at Xuhang Xinshi Town, Jiangding District of Shanghai. Xuhang is a town which is famous for its Chinese folk culture and art. The designer used new water view, landscape accessories and green space to make a relaxed and comfortable space for the residents.

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