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Nine Court Mansion

The Nine-Court Mansion, a high-end eco-residence project in Chongqing, is meant to create a new life style of Oriental implication by incorporating the stable spirit of Oriental tradition, exploiting the modern Oriental artistic expression and upgrading the function of residential areas. By reference to the spatial layout method from the Imperial Palace, nine spaces are constructed and grouped into three steps of the home-returning ceremony which are Entering the Gate to Behold the Mansion, Enjoying the Scenery in the Courtyard and Resting the Soul at Home respectively.

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Light Portal

Light Portal is masterplan of Yibin Highspeed Rail City. A reform of lifestyle recommends to all age all year round. Next to Yibin High Speed Rail Station which operated since June 2019, Yibin Greenland Centre comprises of 160m tall mixed-use Twin Towers integrate architecture and nature with the 1km long landscape boulevard. Yibin has a history for more than 4000 years, accumulating wisdom and culture just like the sediment in the river marked the development of Yibin. The Twin Towers serve as a light portal to guide visitors as well as a landmark for residents to assemble.

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Huafa Zhuofan Center

GND design cooperated with Huafa Group to grasp and control the space with product's overall thinking, deep research and development of commercial landscape, taking people's experience as the starting point, paying attention to nature, humanities, art, color and materials to outline the modern and harmonious style of aesthetic and practical coexistence. Through the material details and exquisite craftsmanship, a modern, international, high-end and artistic aesthetic experience venue was built.

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CIFI Donut

CIFI Donut Kindergarten is attachedto a residential community. In order to create a preschool education activity place integrating practicability and beauty, it tries to combine the sales space with the education space. Through the ring structure linking the three-dimensional spaces, the building and landscape are harmoniously integrated, forming an activity place full of fun and educational significance.

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Smart Ecology

After studying the relationship between openness and privacy in the project from both two-dimensional and three-dimensional perspectives, designers proposed the concept of yard and aisle. The scattered dot layout ensures the openness of the Tus Park, while guaranteeing the independency and privacy of each functional zone with enclosed courtyard. And the central axis of the landscape is designed to connect the individual units through sky corridors, vertically enriching and more closely connecting the landscape in the park to the aim of creating China's top eco-tech city.

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Farmers Den

The design reflects the philosophy of honesty and the use of natural materials customized in local yellow stones and natural light depending on the path of the sun is the predominant attribute. The client is a simple farmer and his brief was to develop an office space to further this passion in organic and sustainable agriculture. The architectural layout was a simple grid-based plan and the building was slightly raised on a platform flowing into the surrounding landscape and waterbodies accentuating the overall openness and the sloping roof subtly cue the vernacular design.

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